Valentine's Day Dilemma

By on February 11, 2010
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How can I say this without causing my divorce?

My wife, bless her heart, is not the world’s best driver. (Does that sound delicate enough to avoid her calling an attorney? )

I’ve learned about a device that may help. A company developed what it says is the world’s first driver performance analysis system that can be an effective tool for identifying “drivers-at-risk.” The system is called ROVER, short for Realtime Onboard Vehicle Evaluation.

ROVER utilizes a wireless monitoring device that plugs into the diagnostic port located near a car’s steering column. Using GPS, sensors and other devices, ROVER captures driving characteristics and transmits this information wirelessly using cellular networks to a large data warehouse of stored driver behavior data. There, the characteristics are analyzed and an overall score is generated based upon quantitative leading indicators of risk that a given driver may be involved in a crash.

I think I’ve found this year’s Valentine’s Day present for my wife.

On second thought, she might not appreciate it. If I don’t tell her that I put a ROVER in her car, would that be considered spying?

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