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By on February 20, 2010
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Here in Maryland, we recently had back-to-back blizzards. In the area where I live and truck out of, we had around 50+ inches of snow, not counting drifts. It was bad enough having to shovel my driveway. Having to remove all that snow and ice from trailer roofs made my life all the more challenging – and achy.

Usually, if there’s not a lot of snow, the tendency is to just truck on down the road and have the snow blow off. That becomes a little more dangerous if the snow has hardened into ice, as slabs of snow will fly off the roof.
When I went to work the after the snow storms, I found a huge mound of snow on many of the trailers, similar to what is shown in the accompanying photo. No way could I pull my trailer. Too much snow on the roof, plus the sides were bowed out.

Sadly, there were no snow scraping systems anywhere. What to do?

You may have guessed. I commandeered a ladder, took my trusty snow shovel, climbed on top the trailer roof and began the long, slow, grueling snow removal process before heading off on my trip. And all I could think about while trucking to my drop-and-hook point was how much snow would there be on the trailer I had to pick up, and would I be able to find a ladder.

There is a plus side to all this, though. With all the snow shoveling, I have the physique of the Incredible Hulk – at least until my muscle swelling goes down.

Anyone care to share their methods or ideas for removing snow from the tops of trailers? I would appreciate some guidance, and you would have the sincere thanks of my muscles.

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  1. frank broderick

    February 23, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Unless you have a OSHA license,a driver is not to climb anything higher then 12 ft. Now I am 6’2 weight 300, if I were to go up onto the roof of a trailer and god forbid fall thur the roof,& asumming there is no one around & the trailer is locked I wonder when I would be found.We need to have truck stop’s afix area’s that we could use to remove snow,Maybe we need to ask UPS<CONWAY etc if we can use there’s. I worked for a company made the suggestion and they laughed @ me. I said it would be a cold day in he– before I got up on the roof.

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